Carbon Services

Carbon Offset Project Development

Carbon Services

Carbon Offset Project Development

Climate Secure provides an end-to-end advisory support, guiding you through the complete project cycle from inception to issuance. Our dedicated team ensures seamless administration support with looking after your registry with the services, simplifying the complexities of carbon offset project management. We expertise in developing robust monitoring systems for precise quantification of emission reductions (ER). Additionally, we provide CME support to optimize your carbon market participation.


Complete Project Cycle Advisory
- from Inception to Issuance

Project cycle advisory, encompassing every stage from inception to issuance, including vital intermediate steps such as designing, monitoring, reporting, audits, and approval. Our expert team provides comprehensive guidance throughout these crucial phases. We ensure that assigned projects smoothly navigate the complex project cycle, and successfully yield high qualityoffsets. Our experienced team oversees the audit and approval process, ensuring compliance with relevant standards and guidelines.


Registry Services
- Administrative Support

Within our Registry Services our team simplifies the administrative complexities associated with carbon project submissions, allowing you to focus on your core operations. From documentation management to compliance tracking, we handle the necessary tasks with efficiency and precision. For reliable and discreet administration support, we work behind the scenes to streamline your carbon offset project management and contribute to a greener future.


Monitoring Supervision
- Development of Monitoring Protocols, Sampling, QA/QC of Monitoring data, ER Quantification etc.

With Climate Secure's Monitoring Supervision service, you can trust that your carbon offset projects are monitored diligently, and that the resulting data is accurate, verifiable, and compliant with the regulatory guidelines. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your projects maintain their integrity and maximize their environmental impact. Climate Secure's Monitoring Supervision service covers a comprehensive range of activities to ensure the accuracy and integrity of your carbon offset projects:

Development of Monitoring Protocols

Our experts work on the design of robust monitoring protocols, questionnaires, scientific testsin line with the specific requirements considering the best practices.


Our sampling techniques follow the standards/methodologies rigorously thus providing reliable and verifiable results.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) of Monitoring Data

We implement stringent QA/QC processes to validate the integrity and reliability of monitoring data. Our team thoroughly examines data quality, identifying any discrepancies or potential errors, and takes corrective measures to ensure accuracy.

Emission Reduction (ER) Quantification

Using advanced quantification tools, we calculate the emission reductions achieved by your project accurately enabling you to confidently demonstrate the credibility of your carbon offset initiatives.


CME support

As your trusted CME partner, we streamline the process, ensuring effective coordination and seamless management of all project elements. From project planning and implementation to monitoring and verification, we provide valuable guidance and support to ensure compliance with regulatory standards and maximize the success of your carbon offset initiatives.