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Carbon Due Diligence

Carbon Services

Carbon Due Diligence

From assessing project eligibility and identifying suitable schemes and methodologies to evaluating baseline studies, quantification models, and risk factors, Climate Secure provides a refined and approach to carbon due diligence. Trust us to guide you through each step of the process, delivering valuable insights and strategic recommendations to maximize the odds ofthe success of the project.

Evaluating Project Eligibility

Our expert team assesses the project's alignment with sustainability objectives, regulatory compliance, and eligibility criteria, providing you with valuable insights to make informed decisions and maximize your environmental impact.

Identifying Scheme and Methodology

Our refined approach ensures the identification of the most suitable scheme and methodology for your specific project, aligning with your sustainability goals and maximizing the credibility and value of your carbon offsets.

Assessing Baseline Studies

Accurate baseline studies are vital for robust carbon offset projects. We meticulously assess baseline studies, evaluating data integrity, methodology, and compliance with the guidelines. With our expertise, you can confidently establish a solid foundation for your carbon offset initiatives, ensuring transparency, credibility, and long-term success.

Evaluating ER Quantification Models

Our expert team rigorously evaluates ER quantification models, examining methodologies, data accuracy, and verification processes. By ensuring the reliability and precision of ER quantification, we help you maintain the integrity of your carbon offset projects and maximize their market value.

Evaluating Risk to Carbon

Our comprehensive approach includes a thorough evaluation of risk factors that could impact the credibility, market value, and environmental integrity of your carbon offsets. From regulatory changes to market volatility, we identify and assess potential risks, empowering you to proactively mitigate them and safeguard your carbon offset investments.